Tips for finding a great dog for your family

There that dog is. You see him online or meet her in person and it's instant LOVE.

Lulu's knows that feeling. We fall in love with every dog we rescue.

But we want to be sure that every dog's adoptive family is the right match — both for the dog and for the family.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the canine love of your life.

  • Match the energy of the dog with your energy. A highly active dog is great for a runner, but not so great for a couch potato and vice versa. A highly active dog may need a large yard or need to be walked more frequently and for longer periods of time. Assess your available time and space. 
  • Know the costs associated with dog ownership. Quality food, regular vet checkups and shots, boarding, toys and equipment as well as emergency or illness costs can add up to significant annual expenses. 
  • Keep company. Dogs are pack animals and you become their pack. To ensure the comfort and calm of your dog, know that he can be left alone for only so many hours in a day and cannot be chained outside. 
  • Be sure the whole family is "in." Everyone in the household has to want and welcome this dog as a full-fledged family member. 
  • Know that no dog is truly hypo-allergenic. 
  • Be willing to train. We rarely have "pre-made" dogs, so be prepared to put training time into your dog or hire a professional to do so.
  • Lavish patience and love. Adoptive dogs each come with a story and some have had a rough go of it before getting to Lulu's. All need to be lavished with patience and love for their first hours, days, months, and on through forever.