My story: From Death Row to Pet Therapy Dog!


Hi there!

That’s me, and my mom, she’s trying to look all smart in her fancy glasses, she cracks me up ‘cause she only wears them to work. Sometimes she puts glasses on me cause she thinks it’s funny, I don’t mind cause I really like seeing her happy.

Anyway, my name is Dayzee but most people call me Dayzee Dukes.

No, I am NOT a Dalmatian. YES, I have spots but plenty of dogs have spots.

I am a hound mixed with Rott and Pit, I am super sweet and I don’t like to brag, but I am super smart too.

Almost 2 years ago I was sitting on what us dogs call, “death row” It wasn’t looking good for me, I really thought I was a goner and then Lulu’s Rescue showed up, sprung me and connected me with new mom, Di. I can’t lie, I had heard the expression, “love at first sight” and would roll my eyes…till I met her. She saved my life and between you and I …. I think I saved hers too…well maybe not saved….but I have sure made it better!

The best part of my story, we are now a certified Pet Therapy team (thru Pet Partners). The training wasn't all that hard - some say I am a natural. On weekends, we visit the Behavioral Health and Pediatrics units at Stamford Hospital in Connecticut. It's amazing how many people want to pet and hug me. Most of them smile and a few have even cried with excitement upon my visit. Some now call me Dr. Dukes or Ph Dog. My mom says we are making a difference but I think I'm the lucky one - I get massages and treats all for just hanging out. We also worked a blood drive for the Red Cross (more treats!!) and hope to visit schools and hospice facilities soon.

No one can believe that I almost didn't make it in this world. The amazing work of Lulu’s Rescue saved me and is tirelessly helping others every day!!!

There are a lot of my animal pals out there that need saving and a lot of humans that can using some saving too! #adoptdontshop

Donate today - every little bit helps - trust me.......I’m living proof. Woof